Automate All Documentation and CRM Updates.

Superpanel automates all documentation and CRM updates - this helps PreSales align with Sales, improve solution recommendations, increase win rates, and improve product learning.
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Integrates with your existing tools.

Automate process compliance and excellence in technical and complex sales


Maximize the effectiveness of your PreSales team

Effortlessly add PreSales fields to track technical stages and effort. Get customizable AI-generated discovery summaries on every opportunity, even when AEs don't take any notes.

Increase pipeline conversion rate with great discovery

Stay engaged as AI seamlessly auto-suggests and organizes discovery notes in your shared documents, automatically updates Salesforce fields, and ensures complete, team wide adherence to your sales methodology.
Revenue Ops

Help your sellers bring in more revenue with less effort

With under 10 minutes of setup, empower your PreSales and Sales teams to auto update Salesforce, capture discovery learnings, and generate knowledge transfer documents - leading to increased market learnings, team alignment, increased win rates, and reduced cost of acquisition.

Auto capture feature requests and product gaps

Get AI suggested feature requests and product gaps from prospects in your pipeline. Push these to whatever tool your product team uses.

A security first culture.

Superpanel is SOC2 certified and GDPR compliant. Our founders built companies in the highly regulated banking, insurance, and healthcare industries - we are familiar with taking security and privacy seriously.
Security certificates

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