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Automated Meetings to Help Users Onboard and Succeed.

Hire an "AI Employee" to autonomously run onboarding, intake,
discovery, and product training calls.

Growth leaders who receive 500 or more inbound leads per month often find it challenging to meet conversion, revenue, and retention targets without hiring staff to arrange 1:1 calls and personally assist each new user onboard and convert to a paying customer.

Companies with an average annual revenue per customer of $8,000 or less face slim or negative margins when providing such high-touch conversion and onboarding support.

At a fraction of the cost, Superpanel provides  AI Employees that can autonomously meet with new users to help them onboard, convert, and succeed.

If you are interested in hiring an AI Employee to increase inbound conversions, onboarding, and retention, leave your name and email below or meet with our AI colleague by clicking
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